T-Mobile to Offer Free Phones this Saturday – Rumour

There’s a rumour at the moment that T-Mobile in the US could be making all phones free when signing up to a Family Plan on a 2-year contract for this Saturday only due to Fathers day the day after.

From what we understand on the poster, you’ll need to sign up for a 2 year family plan to qualify and there will be mail-in rebates on some of the handsets which will mean you have to pay up front, but can mail in to get it back so to speak.

Nothing official has arrived from T-Mobile about this yet, but the poster captured below (click to make larger), shows that the event is for Saturday and includes all phones.

Some of you will already have contracts no doubt, so although the offer is good, it’s not for everyone. If we see the official details of the fathers day promo, we’ll let you know.

Via: TMoNews


  1. Probably more than a rumor when the COO releases a press release to the AP. The rumour has been out for at least a week, this is confirmation.

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