T-Mobile Garminfone Price Slashed

T-Mobile has dropped the Garminfone down $70 which takes the price on contract down to $129.99. To get the satnav phone at that price you still need to sign up for a two year agreement with T-Mobile though.

Yair Reiner, an analyst, recently calculated that only 20,000 Garminfones had been sold which isn’t a lot compared to the success of various Android handsets and the iPhone 4.

Hopefully the price drop will get a few more people interested in the device as so far, it hasn’t done well at all. We first tested a Garminfone back in April 2009 and it suffered a lot of delays which turned a good phone in to something not realy wanted by the time it came out it seems.

It is unknown if the price drop will make a different as it could be too late now. If official sales figures are announced we’ll let you know.

Via: BGR

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