T-Mobile G2 Root Now Available (Permanent Root)

For those of you looking to root your T-Mobile G2, you’ll be glad to hear that a permanent solution has been created. Up till now, any rooting of the G2 was only temporary.

The new solution works by starting off on the same footing as the old root, but rather than leaving it just rooted a few extra steps need to be accomplished to lock in in place.

As with all rooting on an Android smartphone, you need to proceed with caution as some mistakes can brick the G2. If you decide to go ahead then follow the instructions over here to the letter. Also pay specific attention to a post further down that thread which provides a warning to a specific command.

Let us know if you run in to any problems. Also remember that you do this off your own back!


  1. Thanks for the info… I got it via google alerts. Quick fix though, third paragraph iPhone isn’t what your talking about its the G2. Thanks again.

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