T-Mobile G2 Reinstalls Automatically After Root

The T-Mobile G2 has a “feature” built-in that certainly will upset a few people.

When rooting the device, a microchip embedded inside prevents permanent changes from being made and basically restores the G2 back to factory settings with a fresh firmware install. The chip essentially stops you from modifying your phone as you wish.

This looks to be along a similar vein to the eFuse kill switch and simply an idea that will upset a few people as Android is often viewed as being an open platform. What HTC could be saying here is that although you pay for the phone, you can’t do what you want with it.

A comment on Gizmodo sums it up as… “it’s like installing Linux on a Windows computer one night, and waking up to find Vista back in place.”

Will you be buying one?


  1. this phone is a droid wannabe and id personally choose the first droid over this phone…also t mobile is horrible

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