T-Mobile G2 OTA Update Incoming

It looks like T-Mobile is about to push out an OTA update for the new T-Mobile G2 that launched in the last couple of weeks.

The new update looks like it will be bringing WiFi calling (UMA) as well as native tethering to the new Android smartphone.

New features that are included, or have been found so far we should say are…

* an OTA is indeed real and has been rolled out to some users
* it’s likely that T-Mobile is doing a very limited test, at least for now and at least until someone discovers a direct link to the OTA download
* speaking of the direct link, it hasn’t been found yet, but if you see it posted around, please drop a line in the comments
* if you want to keep your soft root, the folks at the #g2root freenode IRC channel are warning against installing the OTA just yet
* the update process itself may or may not shine some light and help figure out a permaroot process, but I have my doubts

So, testing is happening at the moment and it is expected that a download link to the update will be found soon. If not, then expect this to roll out sometime in the next few weeks although it could take a little longer.

Via: Android Police

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