T-Mobile G2 to get Android 2.2 and 800Mhz CPU

It has been confirmed that the T-Mobile G2 will run Android 2.2 when it launches. Other details also reveal that the MSM7x30 CPU to be found inside will be clocked at 800MHz rather than 1GHz.

T-Mobile are still calling it the fastest smartphone experience in America although that could be in regards to it’s fast HSPA+ network connectivity.

It could still run very fast though. If HTC opt for cutting out a lot of junk from the OS, commonly known as bloatware, it could gain an advantage over other smartphones.

Engadget reports that the T-Mobile G2 will be running a pure vanilla Android built. If this is the case then you can expect it to be fast. Adobe Flash 10.1 will be installable on the device.

As for the price, it is expected to be less than $200 (maybe a cent less) on contract although this isn’t confirmed just yet.

Via: Engadget

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