T-Mobile G1 gets Google Maps Navigation – Unofficially

Google-Maps-NavigationYesterday a challenge was set on the XDA Forums to see if any users could manage to get Google Maps Navigation to work on the T-Mobile G1. The thread was opened at 8:32pm last night with an answer to the problem being provided at 3:36am this morning with full instructions how to complete the hack.

Alright… i’ve yet to be able to identify the specific lines yet… but here you go.

I was able to get navigation using the 2 build props attached.

I used SU File Browser and adb to do this. You can do it all with adb but between the 2 i was able to do things faster.

Mount system as rw
delete build.prop and build.trout.prop
(or you may modify yours to match, and skip the next step)
push the new build.prop and build.trout.prop to /system/
delete /system/app/Maps.apk
delete /system/sd/app/com.google.android.maps.apk if present
delete /system/sd/dalvik-cache/data@[email protected]@classes. dex
REBOOT you have to reboot for the phone to re-read the build props
install the new maps.apk — i did adb install if you do not get Success then you missed something.

update: after all is working.. you may put your old build props back

I have yet to try this on my G1 as I am in the UK and am not sure if Google Maps Navigation works here or not. I’ll update when I have tested though and post the results of the test.

Just make sure if you are to do the hack yourself that you follow all instructions strictly as messing with the OS can occasionally lead to you carrying a G1 brick rather than a phone.

Full details of how to get GMN working over here.

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