T-Mobile G1 gets Android 2.2 Update Unofficially

For those of you who still have the trusty T-Mobile G1 kicking around, you are now in for a treat as Cyanogen has released an Android 2.2 Froyo build for the smartphone.

Running Android 2.2 on a G1 apparently works well although it does lack a few features such as Adobe Flash 10.1 and it does on occasion see the Force Close box pop up which might put a few people off. Either way, it’s an early build and one that will be updated we assume over the next month to iron out a few remaining issues.

It’s certainly a good step in the right direction as many people said that the G1 was stuck on Android 1.6 and laughed last year at the idea of even 2.0 running. We then of course saw 2.1 and now see 2.2.

It is unclear at the moment how the new build from Cyanogen runs in comparison to a new smartphone designed for Android 2.2. Of course it wont do as much in terms of performance due to a lower processor speed, less memory and generally older hardware, but we also believe it should run quite well. We’ll test it soon and let you know how it runs.

The T-Mobile G1 Android 2.2 build can be found over here on XDA developers. Just make sure you follow instructions to the letter as with all rooting and reflashing. Also remember it is a new build so might be a bit more buggy than you like.



  1. eric wellness says

    I would appreciate if someone would be kind enough to show me (i’m sure others are interested too) how i can upgrade my T-Mobile G1 to Android 2.2. I love this phone so much and I’m not willing to change it to others…

  2. I’m in the same boat. I’ve seen several newer Android phones and they all lack the full keyboard that my G1 has. I don’t think I could handle the missing number keys that I use constantly for entering passwords and tracking codes. Why is newer usually cheesier?!?

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