Tiny Telescopes Help the Blind to See

eyesDoctors have reported that they are now able to implant tiny telescopes in to human eyes. This process allows those suffering from macular degeneration to be able to have some sight restored.

An interesting part of this process is that you have the operation done as an outpatient making it very brief with results from the op being performed in the morning being seen by the evening.

Tests have been done over the last few years on 200 patients who have reported no problems with bumping in to objects or falling over.

the devices won’t allow patients to view faraway stars (not that powerful), they will allow them to see partial faces where there was once a gaping hole in their vision. “People can use it to recognize faces in a social setting,” said Dr. Janet P. Szlyk. “That’s a huge advance.”

This is a great step forwards and one step I hope moves quickly on to the next step on a quest to restore full vision for those who are unable to see.

Via: Giz

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