First Time Gear Clock

first_time_gear_clockWhen to you receive the First Time Gear Clock you actually get it as a box of bits that need to be put together to make a working clock. It is designed for those who like to build things and comes with easy to follow colour coded instructions.

The clock is transparent allowing you to see all the inner workings and gears to see how it all works. Each part of the clock serves a purpose to teach you what it actually does and why that part is there.

Gear Clock Product Information

* Used by adults for all ages 6 years and older
* Warning: Choking Hazard: Smalll Parts Not for Children Under 3 Years
* This clock is spring powered and no batteries are required
* Let your children learn how to make clocks, how gear wheels work and how clocks operate on the principal of a single pendulum.
* Clock runs for more than 8 hours
* Comes with 27 parts and color coded easy to follow directions
* Dimensions: 7.5W x 8.5H x 2.5D
* Weight: Approx. 1 pound

Available from ThinkGeek costing $14.99.


  1. Anonymous says

    the design is ok

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