Thinklabs Electronic Stethoscope iPhone App

Thinklabs Medical have created a new iPhone app that integrates with the electrostatic ds32a stethoscope to provide detailed visual readings of sounds heard by the stethoscope.

By attaching the ds32a to your iPhone you get to use basic editing and see a number of visualisation options that can be emailed or sent by MMS to other users to monitor what is happening.

As well as being able to record sounds from the stethoscope, a pre-recorded library is also available that can be used to teach students as well as being used for comparisons of live sounds.

Thinklabs iPhone App Features

# Record and Display waveforms and spectrogram in real time.
# Scroll and Zoom In/Out using multi-Touch user interface.
# Edit Sounds on-screen.
# Save Recorded sounds.
# Email Sounds and Images, along with notes.

The application is available here costing $69.99. The digital Stethoscope costs $249 and is available separately.

Via: MedGadget

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