Thecus N0204 NAS – The Worlds Smallest

Thecus-N0204The Thecus N0204 is the smallest NAS in the world. It uses 2.5″ hard drives to achieve this and due to the small form factor of the said drives, the who unit measures just 132 x 88 x 63 mm.

The Thecus NAS costs around $150 for the unit only which allows you to buy your own drives to put in there. The NAS has two drive bays and you can opt to use either HDD or SSD’s that have a maximum capacity of 1TB. The device can be configured for a RAID 0 or RAID 1 setup.

As well as being a network attached storage device, the Thecus N0204 works as a print server and is compatible with both Mac and PC. Connectivity is provided over wifi and there is also a Gigabit LAN allowing fast transfers of data from other networked devices. Wireless is connected at either 802.11b or g, so using a wired connection would probably be the better option if you want fast options.

Full review available at LegitReviews.

Via: CrunchGear

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