The USB Money Clip

USB Money Clip
You can get hold of a lot of USB devices these days. The next in line is the USB Money Clip. It is basically a clip that you hold money together but in this case the clip is a USB flash drive. I guess the idea behind this is that you either carry money everywhere you go and therefore always have your USB flash drive, or the other alternative way is that you always loose your USB flash drive, but when you have a couple of G attached to it you will never forget that.

The capacity of the USB Money Clip is 1GB which is fairly acceptable for the majority of users. It is a USB 2.0 device which does allow for fast transfer of files. This is not something I would personally carry around as it makes no sense at all to me. But I do not think the idea behind it is that bad. Its a shame the clip cannot keep track of how many notes are stuffed in to it.

The USB Money Clip will set you back $34.99 and can only be purchased in store at Target.

Product Page Via: GizmoPeek

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