The Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player

Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player
In the image above you will see a seriously small MP3 player which doesnt lack features either. It has a small screen, 2GB of memory, can play MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV and weighs next to nothing. It does make you wonder why they didnt just build it in to the ear phones rather then spend all that time making a device so small you would loose it. Along with those standard features the MP3 player also has a built in FM radio receiver so that you are not restricted to your own music selection.

The Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player (that is its full name) is powered by a 3.7V lithium battery which we assume has plenty of kick to power this device for hours. Connectivity is provided via a USB cable allowing you to switch the music around.

It costs $99.95. Part of me thinks it is over prices for the size of the thing, although the smaller the package the harder it was to build.

Via: RedFerret


  1. Hadi Haftani says

    Iam a designer .I can design body of your mp3player kit.I wanna be your partner. thanks

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