The T-Mobile G1 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Unofficially

The original Android smartphone has now got an Alpha version of Ice Cream Sandwich that can be installed. Although the T-Mobile G1 is a few years old now and Android updates were officially stopped at Android 1.5, some developers have managed to get the latest version working in some shape on the device.

Take note that this is an Alpha build which essentially means that a lot of features are broken. This includes WiFi which doesn’t work, Bluetooth and rotation although these will be fixed over the next few hours, days or weeks depending on the complexity.

A post on the XDA Developers forum confirms that the touchscreen, apps, and all ICE goodies are working. it also has a “maybe working” next to data but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

You’ll notice that ICS on the G1 is a little laggy. Part of this can be expected as the G1 simply doesn’t have the power required to run the latest Android OS but we expect some tweaking will be done to get a fairly decent port of it working in the coming weeks.

Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of it running. If you want to test it yourself, the full details can be found at the XDA Developers forum.

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