The Indigo Lantern – Its Self Sufficient

Indilo Lantern
The Indigo Lantern is a very reliable lamp which uses ultra bright LEDs to give out its light. Also there is a second LED which allows it to work as a reading light. What makes this lantern stand out is that it doesnt run on batteries. To get the LEDs to shine you wind it up. About 60 seconds of winding will give you 2 hours of night light and about 5 minutes on the maximum brightness. However, fully charged you can have 70 hours of nightlight and 2.5 hours on maximum. These are not the only options as you can also adjust the brightness and wind speed which allows for a dimmer light which can last longer.

Ideal for those who want to go out camping and are worried about light at night. Costing $85 it isnt priced too bad either.

Via: Newint

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