The Future of Internet Search

internet-search-mobileMobile internet devices in the future could look just like this concept. The idea behind this concept is that you have transparent screen which can capture what you are looking at. By using image recognition it can then tell you what you need to know about the object or surrounding areas. Take a plate of food for example (pictures below). When spotting the type of food on your plate it can then hook up to the internet to download nutritional values for the food you are eating. internet-search

If you are stuck somewhere then just tell it where you are going and the search tablet will draw out a map and put arrows on the screen of where you need to go. Although this device seems quite far fetched, it still is quite possible to build something like this (although it would be a tad chunkier). If this can be built in to phones etc… you could have a very powerful reference tool to carry around with you.

Via: Geekandhype

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