Tetris – Its Huge

Tetris Game
Tetris has been a well known game over the years since it was introduced. For a long time there have been variations of this game hitting the game shelves in stores. The latest has been built by Spark Fun and is created from 240 buttons which have LEDs behind them. To play the game you touch to the left of the piece to make it move left, touch to the right to make it move right and hit the top to rotate the piece. Its a tad larger then your Nintendo Gameboys version and makes for a very hands on game of Tetris. One more picture after the jump.

The buttons are rubberized which are similar, but larger then the ones on your remote control. Each has LEDs in which can display the colours needed. To make the device function 16 microcontrollers, 256 MIPS, 720 LEDs, 1.5A current draw, 1300 lines of code and 28800 bits are updated per second. This took 9 people to create.

Tetris Insides

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  1. can i have a tetris game?

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