Test Pattern Clock

It seems like a good number of years have passed since the test pattern was used on TV. Due to advances in equipment such as digital signalling, better televisions and most TV channels broadcasting 24 hours the requirement for test pattern is just not there any more.

The test pattern clock is built to bring back the memories of late night TV. Luckily the annoying beeeep is not present in this clock. I have to admit that it looks fairly cool clock although I think they should have used the UK’s most popular test pattern which is Test Card F. Surely all you from the UK remember the young girl (Carole Hersee) playing noughts and crosses with a clown puppet. Here is a quick random fact… Carole Hersee is supposed to be in the Guinness book of Records as the person who has been on TV the most (estimated 70000 hours, or 8 years) although they wont put it in because no one can beat it :S

So go ahead and pick up one of these Test Pattern Clocks to bring back the memories.

Via: GearFuse

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