Tesco iPhone Tariffs Updated

Tesco Mobile have made changes to their iPhone tariffs that include several new 12 month contracts. Prices are as follows…

For a 12 month contract paying £35/month you can get the iPhone for the following prices…
iPhone 3G 8GB – £100
iPhone 3GS 16GB – £200
iPhone 3GS 32GB – £275

If you want to get a free iPhone 3GS (16GB) you can pay £45/month on a 24 month contract.

The prices aren’t bad at all. With the 12 month £35/month contract you get unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi along with 750 minutes per month.

Calls on the Tesco network actually are routed on the O2 network in the UK, so you get exactly the same coverage as O2 although Tesco Mobile handle all the customer support and billing is also handled by Tesco.

Full details on the price plans and all the tariffs can be found over here on the Tesco Mobile site.

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