Tesco iPhone 4S Price Goes Online

Tesco Mobile has released pricing for the iPhone 4S in the UK. Two contract lengths are available which allows you to select either 12 or 24 months. On the 12 month contracts you can opt to pay £25/month or £35/month and for that you get either 250 or 750 minutes along with 5000 text messages and 1GB of data. The pricing for the iPhone 4S is £235 for the 16GB model on the £35/month contract and goes up to £495 for the most expensive 64GB model (at £25/month). Full details in the image below:

On the 24 month contracts you can get the 16GB model free if you pay £45/month and for that you get 3000 minutes along with 5000 text messages. All plans get the same 1GB of data.

Unfortunately Tesco Mobile doesn’t take pre-orders although you can register your interest at which point you join a queue. When it’s your turn you get a text message and then call them to order and at that point of being notified by them you have 48 hours to buy/collect your iPhone 4S. It is out understanding that Tesco Mobile will have the iPhone 4S available on launch day.

One thing to note is that the Tesco Mobile network uses the O2 network, so if you know O2 gets a good signal where you live then Tesco Mobile devices will also get a good signal.

You can register your interest over here.

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