Teleduplication – Better Hide Your Keys

magick_keysatcafeThe normal way you get a key duplicated is by taking it to a store and they make an exact copy. However, you no longer need the actual key to make a copy because of software made by Stefan Savage. The software allows just a photograph of a key to be used to make a duplicate.

The process has been named Teleduplication. It uses advanced digital imaging and optics to capture a photo of someones keys sitting on a desk at a distance away. This now means that your keys will need to be kept hidden if you want to be safe.

Images can actually be taken with a mobile phone if you are close enough to the keys. If not then a half decent telephoto lens can be used on a camera (like the picture above) and as long as you catch the bumps and valleys of the key.

As for what to do about the key duplication threat, Savage says that companies are actively developing and marketing new locking systems that encode electromagnetic secrets as well as a physical code. ‘Many car keys, for example, have RFID immobilizer chips that prevent duplicated keys from turning the car on, he says. In the meantime, he suggests that you treat your keys like you treat your credit card and ‘keep it in your pocket unless you need to use it.

The software named “sneaky” that has been created in MatLab uses a system which can measure the exact height and depth of the valleys and bumps of a key. Once all the information is gathered from the one picture they then have the bitting code which is needed to duplicate a key. All they then need is the brand and type of key and they are good to go.

For more details check out JacobSSchool.

Via: TheGadgetBlog

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