Team 64GB SDXC Card

Team is about to launch a new SDXC card that has an impressive 64GB capacity.

SDXC cards are fairly new to the storage scene and follow along the lines of SD cards in that they have the same form factor, but also have capacities of up to 2TB in size.

Speed wise, the Team 64GB SDXC memory card achieves a 30MB/second read speed. With that amount of storage it makes it possible to store 136,000 high resolution pictures.

The card utilises the SD3.0 interface that allows for larger capacities to be used, up to 2 TB. Also the card is backwards compatible with SD 2.0 although it isn’t clear if using the card on SD 2.0 that it will be limited to 32GB or now.

It is expected that we will see the new Team 64GB SDXC cards at Computex that will be running shortly. If we see any more details on the card such as launch dates and pricing, we’ll post the details here.

Via: SlashGear

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