Tawkon App Measures Radiation Increase when Death Grip Applied

Tawkon is an app that can be used to measure radiation on a cell phone. When gripping a mobile phone with a so called “death grip”, the amount of power needed by the call increases to keep the signal active. In turn, radiation levels rise.

A video has been posted by Tawkon that shows three popular smartphones being tested with a death grip see if they each suffer with death grip problems.

The death grip is normally associated with signal loss. This test shows the radiation increase which is caused because of the signal dropping.

The purpose of Tawkon’s app is to provide the user with an indication”or ‘prediction as they call it”of the radiation level being emitted by the iPhone. This level changes based on environmental conditions, distance from cell towers, and even the manner in which the device is held. To illustrate: the iPhone’s antenna is located at the bottom of the device. If the user cradles the phone too tightly in the palm, the antenna has to work harder, thereby increasing radiation.

The results show that a Google Nexus One, iPhone 4 and a BlackBerry Bold each have the problem of increased radiation when holding the phone in a death grip. One thing we noticed with the BlackBerry was that it looked to be squeezed a lot harder than the other two devices. Also a commenter on TechCrunch points out that a test by placing a finger on the antenna gap on the iPhone 4 would also be welcomed. Unfortunately we cannot test this on our iPhone 4 as the Tawkon app was not allowed in to the app store by Apple [AAPL].

Check out the video below to see the three smartphones being tested.

Via: Tawkon

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