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If you have a special occasion coming up and you want something cool and different to do then Tank Limo has the answer. They used to cruise around the UK in pink Abbot which was a tank, painted pink and a bit of an eye catcher. The problem with that tank is that only a few people could fit in it. Along came a new project which took parts from 30 different tanks they had laying around. They removed a few parts such as a mine layer, painted it gloss white, installed a couple of DVD players and a fridge and totally kitted out the interior. It looks quite cool and definitely a tad different from the usual limos you see driving around on a Friday and Saturday night in the UK. One more pic after the jump.

Inside Tank
The tank is available for hire in the UK with prices ranging from 1600 – 4000 GBP although this does not include sending the tank if you are far away from where tanklimo are based.

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