Tablets, Phones and Other Devices To get Ubuntu by 2014

Canonical has announced that it is working on bringing the Ubuntu operating system to various tablets, phones and televisions. The new version of the OS isn’t coming any time soon though and could be as far away as 2014 before it appears officially on various smartphones and tablets.

When Ubuntu is released it will use the same core on all versions so that the experience is the same. This is the main reason why it will be later rather than sooner. Like iOS and Android apps, apps made for Ubuntu will be able to work on any form factor if the developer creates the app that way. This means for those devices with a smaller screen, the app will display differently to a tablet device or the app running on a TV.

As well as using the same core across all types of device, Ubuntu will customise depending on the device that it’s installed on. Although the OS will be the same the experience will suit that of a tablet or smartphone.

Bringing Ubuntu to the market for all devices is certainly a step in the right direction and will certainly get a following when it launches.


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