TAB Rest iPad Cushion with Wrist Support Launched

Since the launch of the iPad it seems that a large number of people now use an iPad while watching TV. This could be for browsing, gaming and emailing. A new tablet cushion has been created that props up the iPad a little and makes viewing and typing a little more comfortable.

The TAB Rest is made of foam and has a cut-out so that the iPad rests on a ledge. The ledge is slightly raised which forms a wrist rest to provide support.

The TAB Rest measures 10 inches wide, 10 inches deep and is 2 inches thick. Although it’s pictures with an iPad, any tablet will generally work on the TAB Rest.

Tablets can weigh up to 2 lbs and be difficult for children or adults to hold for long periods of time. TAB Rests solve this problem by providing a soft-padded base for your lap. TAB Rests are small enough to pack in your carry bag when traveling. Your kids will love using them in the car.

The TAB Rest costs $14.95 and is available over at NewPCGadgets.


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