T-Mobile US Could Also Get the iPhone 5 at Launch

Yesterday we heard that Sprint in the US was going to be getting the iPhone 5 when it launches. With Sprint, Verizon and AT&T each getting the new device it left out the other major network in the US – T-Mobile. We now are beginning to hear rumours that T-Mobile USA will also get the iPhone 5 when it launches (estimated sometime in October).

The bonus of the iPhone being officially available on the T-Mobile network is that it will now work on the 3G network. At the moment only unlocked iPhones can work on the T-Mobile network and when connected, they are only capable of connecting by an Edge connection. Macrumours reports that T-Mobile already has 1 million customers who use the iPhone 4 on the Edge network which hints that a launch on that network could be a success.

By making the iPhone 5 compatible on all networks it brings the device to a lot more users than before.

Expect to hear the full details towards the end of September in preparation for an early to mid October launch.

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