T-Mobile Charges for 200MB Plan Overage Leaked

T-Mobile in the US will soon be changing the way it charges for data on its smallest 200MB data plan. In the past, T-Mobile has run a “no overage” system on their plans. The new plans now mean that you will be charged if you go over the 200MB limit.

As of August 13th the original 200MB will be grandfathered with the new plan coming in to force. Overage will be charged at $0.10 per MB over the 200MB limit. Alerts will be sent to warn customers so that at 180MB a warning says you are close and at 200MB it says you need to upgrade your plan or pay any overage fees.

The reason for the change is because T-Mobile want to remain competitive on a plan that has exceeded its expectations in popularity.

It isn’t clear if this move will change more expensive plans later on but for now it’s just the 200MB plan that will change.


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