Symbian^4 Home Screen Pics Surface

Symbian released some source code for Symbian^4 recently and in doing so, quietly made some screen shots available that show what new features or changes have been made.

The changes show that the new OS and UI has a new iPhone/Android style status bar at the top of the page that is almost permanent. When we say “almost” we assume that some apps can go full screen. Just below the status bar is another bar showing comments on what is going on as well as what looks like the ability to switch between apps and jump back to the home page. This section will hopefully slide out when needed rather than being a permanent fixture as it takes up valuable screen estate for small screen devices.

An as-you-type search feature looks to have been included in Symbian^4 as well as the ability to organise apps into categories.

As for availability of Symbian^4, it is expected soon after Symbian^3 and perhaps by Christmas or early next year.

Via: Electronista

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