Symbian Horizon App Store Now Online

Symbian-HorizonSymbian have launched the Horizon App store that aims to compete against app stores already open by Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile. The Horizon App store went live today along with the first 50 applications. Symbian also have plans to allow 1000’s more applications through the system next year.

The Symbian operating system is used on a lot of phones including many Nokia phones, Samsung, Sony Ericsson etc… and a lot of these companies already have started app stores. Nokia for example, has the Nokia Ovi store. Each of these app stores will support the new Horizon store and integrate offerings in to their stores.

With the amount of app stores available on Symbian devices, they have recognised that developers could find this overwhelming and for this reason Horizon was created to become a conduit to multiple stores. By using Horizon it allows developers to reach a large, or the largest, global market.

Symbian have a huge market share and is ready to tackle the iPhone’s app store which to date, it already doing fantastic. It wont be an easy task, but due to it’s size it is possible to catch up.

Via: TrustedReviews

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