Swindon in the UK to get Free Wi-Fi Mesh Network

FINAL FINAL WiFi next logoIf you are one of the 186,000 residents of Swindon in the UK, you’ll soon have free public wireless internet access. The service is to launch in April 2010 and will be supplied by 1,400 secure access points that have a lot higher performance than regular wireless routers found in the home.

There will be no connection fees and no charges to use the service. It isn’t as good as it sounds though as regular free service will be limited although everyone in the city who wants to can actually subscribe to a 20MB service to increase the performance. The subscription cost is expected to be a lot lower than regular broadband providers though.

The project is called Signal and is run by Digital City UK Ltd where the local Swindon council have a 35% share in the company.

If the service in Swindon ends up being successful (which if it’s free and reliable, and cheap for those who want to upgrade then why wouldn’t it be?) then other cities and towns in the UK can expect the service to be rolled out there.

Via: UberGizmo and BBC

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