Sungworld Netbook Spotted in Shenzhen for $73

sungworld_netbookAn unnamed netbook from a company called Sungworld has appeared on a market in Shenzhen and appears to have a factory cost of just $73 (500 Yuan in local currency).

The noname netbook has a 300MHz VIA VT8500 processor along with a 7 inch screen capable of an 800 x 480 pixel resolution. Other features include 128MB of RAM, 1GB of storage along with Wi-Fi for connectivity.

The netbook has an 1800mAh batter and runs the older Windows CE operating system. Size wise it measures 23.5×16.5×28.4mm and weighs around 700 grams.

According to those who spotted the netbook in an electrical market in Shenzhen, the netbook is set for marketing overseas which is interesting.

Obviously it lacks power and the battery size is rather small, but considering it does run at 300MHz the 1800mAh battery should still give a good bit of life, and for basic browsing it should function ok.

Via: Cloned in China


  1. Can I know detail of netbook $73? how manimum order? where are you ? china band or inter band? tell me soon. I will set plan for visit you…

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