Stylus for HTC Flyer to Cost $79.99

One thing that makes the HTC Flyer different to other tables being launched is the stylus that can be used with it. The stylus is called the HTC Digital Pen and allows users to interact with the Android tablet by scribbling on the screen while any app is open.

We find out today that the price has been revealed for the digital pen and when launched it will cost $79.99 over at Best Buy.

What we also find when hunting around Best Buy is a pouch for the tablet and digital pen. The price of this unit is $34.99 which now makes the price to owning a fully functioning HTC Flyer a little more than the $499 base price. With the pen and pouch, buyers are looking at $609 due to a $5 saving when buying in a bundle.

Will the hefty price put you off buying a HTC Flyer? Without the pen it makes it another standard Android tablet. We quite liked the unique idea that the digital pen brings to the tablet, but adding an extra $80 to the price makes us question the value a little more.


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