Stumbleupon iPhone and Android Apps Launch

Stumbleupon is a service that lets you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to webpages. The process usually involves installing a toolbar and then browsing around websites you come across each day, or have a suggested web page pop up for you to rate. If you like it, you give it a review and if not you thumb it down. It might sound quite boring, but you certainly come across a lot of interesting content whilst stumbling and it’s easy to spend time each day just voting on pages.

A new version has launched for mobile devices. Stumbleupon has released apps for the Apple iPhone and Google Android based smartphones allowing you to rate web pages whilst on the move.

The new mobile version of Stumbleupon allows you to browse a “Best for Mobile stumbling” area. Content here includes pictures, news, youtube and other content optimised for the smaller screen.

The system also lists the topics that you enjoy stumbling so that it can provide content that you might be interested in.

You can download the app now from the App Store or Android Market place depending on which of the two OS’s you are using. Let us know what you think.

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