Streetwise Small Fry Stun Gun

The streetwise small fry stun gun allows you to carry 1 million volts in your pocket. Sounds a tad scary to me. It is small and can be concealed easily and fit in the palm of your hand. When using the device it makes an intimidating electrical sound which I am sure will make those attacked fear even before they get hit by it. When it touches an attacker for a few seconds the high voltage causes a loss of muscle control and balance making them fall to the floor. Give them 10 minutes and they will be fine. There is a safety button on the device to prevent you zapping your leg while walking around.

I have no idea what the legal advice is on carrying one of these around. Maybe you will need to read a disclaimer to the attacker and have them sign it before you can zap them 😉 The stun gun is rechargeable and costs $79.95.

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