StreamTV to Launch Glasses Free 3D TVs in May

Two HDTV’s have been listed on Amazon today that come from a company called StreamTV (not heard of them my self). The TVs also claim to be 3D and surprisingly, glasses-free 3D TVs.

Unfortunately there is no information on StreamTV that we can find, and there are no images of what the TV’s actually look like and how the 3D effect works without glasses.

Coming from a relatively unknown company we are hesitant at the moment in believing these will actually surface although it would be certainly interesting to see them in a months time when they launch in May (according to Amazon who is now taking pre-orders on them).

Two versions of the TV are mentioned on Amazon with one being described as “StreamTV 37-Inch 3D TV with Super BluRay Player, Black”. That particular model costs $3,999.99 and has the following description…

37-Inch 3D TV viewing without glasses. Builtin browser, Entertainment Portal, Video conferencing, over 500 FREE Live TV Channels, Download and Stream, 500 GB HDD, 3D Gaming, Software to convert 2D videos and pictures into 3D, Plug and Play, Accessories – Remote Control, Game Controller, Camera, Keyboard with built in mouse

The other model has the following title… “StreamTV 42-Inch 3D TV with Super BluRay Player, Black” and costs $5,999.99.

The description matches other than the screen size that differs.

If we get more information on StreamTV and these two particular HDTVs well let you know.

Via: 3D Display Info


  1. james braselton says

    hi there todays may 7 wow 3D no glasses from steam tv 42 inch for $5,999.99

  2. james braselton says

    hi there wow small screens 15 cm or 0.75 inches and a 71 inch is 150 cm or 6 inches with the bigest at 107 inches at 12 inches soo 3D no glasses is the real deal

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