Streaming Film Rentals Now Available in the UK Android Market

Users of Android in the UK have just been given the ability to stream movies in the UK from the Android Market. This feature has been available to the US for a while now. A work around was available in the form of a quick hack, but now that hack isn’t needed as Google [GOOG] made it official and switched on the service this morning.

Movie rentals cost £2.49 each and at launch there are over 1000 different films to choose from. These can be rented and streamed to Android devices.

To get it working you need to install the video app and when done, you log in and select which movie you want to watch. Rentals are for 48 hours at a time although you can delay watching a movie for up to 30 days… ie, purchase today and then start the 48 hours of viewing time in 3 weeks time.

Also we learn that movies are not just restricted to Android smartphones. For those who run Android tablets you also get access as well as do those who have access to the Android Market (from an office computer as an example).

Excellent news for those who enjoy streaming movies.


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