Strange items from Japan

You may have noticed that the folks over in Japan release some seriously strange devices. I came across a bunch today which I thought were dead funny.

The first on the list is the Face Slimmer.

Face Slimmer
The face slimmer mask is worn on your face and squashes your face by pressure. Also it acts as a sauna which makes you sweat more and loose weight from your cheeks.

The next in line is the Nap Helmet.

Nap Helmet
The Nap Helmet is designed for those who travel on the underground in cities. You sit down, put the helmet on and stick the plunger to the window behind. When you fall asleep it stops your head from bobbing around.

Finally we have the Personal Karaoke.

Personal Karaoke
If you have a terrible singing voice (like me) and still want to do karaoke then you need one of these. It is a personal soundproof microphone which allows you to sing away with out disturbing those around you. The ear phones included pick up your singing from the mic and allow you to hear your terrible voice.

For more of these crazy inventions check out Uniquedaily.


  1. I am interested in buying the soundproof karaoke microphone from japan, could you provide me with the details on how to purchase one, or the name of a website which sells them. Your help is much appreciated. thankyou

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