Stonehenge Pocket Watch

The Stonehenge watch is like no other watch I have come across before. It is a portable Stonehenge with the miniature rocks all aligned up correctly as you would find at the real Stonehenge.

Here is the cool part… it actually does tell the time. By using the built in compass you spin around till you are facing north. You then insert the gnomon (the stick in the middle) and put it in front of the altar. Looking at the shadows you can then tell the real time. Obviously it wont work too well when the sun is not out or when it’s dark.

Also, you can work out the correct seasons by working out which stone the first shadow of the day is cast upon. If it rises over the heel stone then it’s the first day of summer.

For those who are lazy you just look at the time on the front of the pocket watch as it also features a regular watch. Wouldn’t it be funny to whip it out next time someone asks you the time. 🙂

The Stonehenge watch will cost you $42.95 with shipping costing $12 for international.

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