Steve Jobs Interview on D8

Last night, Steve Jobs was interviewed at D8 and a number of things were spoken of. Nothing said was particularly new as we expected, but the interview gave some great insight in to how and why Apple [AAPL] makes the decisions it does. The reason nothing particularly new was announced is that the WWDC event is starting this coming Monday which is where we will hear all the good stuff.

In no particular order we should add, the first thing we will mention is about the iPhone OS and where it all started. It was quite a surprise when Steve said in effect that the iPad came first. iPhone OS was designed to run on a tablet originally at which point Steve said that it would make a great phone. Apple switched to creating the iPhone and of course, the iPad followed about 3 years after that.

In regards to Foxconn and the recent increase in suicides, Apple has people over at the factory right now working on this to try gauge what’s going wrong and what they can do from their side of things.

A lot was said about the iPhone 4G that went missing. Steve Jobs said a lot of what we already knew but also clarified a few points explaining why it went the way it did. Of course he didn’t speak about the iPhone 4G launch and only mentioned that the phone was missing, possibly stolen from a bag.

I recommend you head on over to AllThingsD and watch the full video as there’s quite a bit more in the video about how Apple is the way it is and specifically how they think Flash is in it’s final stages, hence the reason not to support it.

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  1. gettafreebie says

    I’m so lookng forward to SJ’s WWDC 2010 keynote and to hopefully see the rumoured iPhone 4G.

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