Stealth NW-2000 Rugged Tablet

stealth_computer_nw-2000_tabletStealth Computer have launched the NW-2000 rugged hybrid tablet PC. It is powered by an Intel 1.06GHz Core 2 Duo and as it has rugged in the name, it also complies with IP54 ratings allowing it to withstand shock, vibration and splashes of water.

The rugged tablet has a 13.3 inch screen that is visible in sunlight. The screen is also touchscreen allowing it to work well with a pen should you use it in tablet mode. It has 2GB of RAM which can be bumped up to 4GB and has a 160GB shock mounted HDD. If you want extra security in harsh situations then an SSD is also an option.

As the NW-2000 rugged tablet is IP rated it means it can be dropped on to wood-covered concrete 26 times in succession from a 91CM drop without being harmed.

Other features included are WiFi which works at a/g and n speeds. Bluetooth can be found in there too along with Ethernet which functions at gigabit speeds, a GPS unit for tracking and optional HSDPA for communications while on the move. A DVD burner, PC card slot and fingerprint scanner are also included making it run quite securely.

A 7800mAh battery is also included that Stealth claims to allow up to 6 hours of run time on a single charge. The NW-2000 weighs 9.04lbs and measures 9.96 x 13.54 x 2.31 inches.

To buy one your looking at prices starting at $4895 for the basic model.

Stealth NW-2000 Ruged Tablet Feature Summary

* Feature Packed Ultimate Mobile Machine
* Notebook converts to Tablet design quickly
* Rugged, light-weight magnesium alloy chassis
* 13.3″ Sunlight Viewable LCD TFT Display
* Resistive Touchscreen & Pen input w/stylus
* Backlit keyboard for night use
* Fingerprint recognition security sensor
* Shock Resistant Removable Hard Drive
* Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, Modem
* Meets MIL-STD-810F, shock & vibration
* IP54/NEMA13 environmentally protected
* Dimensions:
253mm(D) x 344mm(W) x 59mm(H)
9.96″(D) x 13.54″(W) x 2.31″(H)

More details over at Stealth Via: SlipperyBrick

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