Star Wars Clone Army Voice Changing Helmet

Clone-Wars-Voice-Changing-HelmetIf you fancy yourself as a Star Wars Clone Army soldier then you should grab one of these Clone Army Voice Changing Helmets. The voice changing helmet should see you easily pass the interview as it will amplify your voice to sound just like one of the other clone’s in the army.

The helmet is life size and can be worn from ages 5 and up. As well as being able to change your own voice, it also comes pre-programmed with a number of phrases from the series.

Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Details

* Sound like a clone!
* Join the Grand Army of the Republic¦ and sound like it!
* Speaks signature phrases from the TV show.
* Changes and amplifies your voice!

Cool stuff! Available from Entertainment Earth costing $42.99 Via: Walyou

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