Stantum Multi-Touch Slate PC

stantum-multitouchThe Stantum is a multi-touch slate PC that has a 10.1 inch touch screen. It is based and built around a Dell Mini 10 and has no keyboard, has the webcam removed and has just 2 USB ports.

The Slate PC comes supplied with Windows 7 installed (although it’s not clear which version). The multi-touch screen is capable of sensing up to 10 fingers at a time which is plenty for a screen of this size. Other features removed from the Dell Mini 10 are mostly connectivity with it having no wifi and no bluetooth as both antennas were removed.

The screen is capable of a resolution of up to 1024×600 or the alternative 1024×576 can be selected if needed although specifications of the screen might change depending on where they get the screens from.

The Stantim Multi-touch Slate PC is just proof of concept at the moment and for those interested in purchasing, Stantum can be contacted over here.

Via: Engadget

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