Spycatcher Tape Recorder Blocker

Recorder Blocker
If you are the paraniod type who think you are being recorded then check out the Spycatcher tape recorder blocker. It exploits a flaw which audio recording devices have. The human ear is only capable of hearing certain frequencies, but the microphone can pick up even the lowest of frequencies. All you need to do is play some very low range audio below human hearing and it apparantly destroys the recording. This is due to it drowning out the normal hearing range of frequencies. It apparantly works over the phone too, although I am not convinced with this due to wondering what would be heard on the other side. If the device drowns out other frequencies then how can the other hearer receive those drowned out frequencies?

Unfortunatly I do not have a spare $4500 to buy this device so might have to resort to borrowing a frequency generator and calling a friend to see if he can hear me while my sub kicks out some seriously low tones.

Via: Wired

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