Spotify Open and Unlimited Plans Launched

Spotify has introduced a couple of new plans to it’s services. The new plans called Spotify Open and Spotify Unlimited add some in-between plans allowing users to cut down on what they don’t need from the Premium service and also sign up to the free service without an invite.

Right now the most expensive plan costs £9.99 and is called Spotify Premium. This service gives you full access to Spotify as well as being able to stream music (or store locally for 30 days) any music available through the service. Full comparison here.

The Spotify Unlimited plan costs £4.99/month but removes the ability to use the service on a mobile phone.

Next down the list is the regular Spotify Free where you get free access (ad supported) to the services for an unlimited time per month.

Finally the Spotify Open (the new service) sits right at the bottom of the list and allows you to use 20 hours of music per month (ad supported).

Some users have been asking what will happen to Spotify Free and if this service is being pushed out. Spotify respond by saying that as long as you can get an invite you will always be able to get in to the service. Currently though it is unclear how long and how many free invites will be around and if these will start to decrease in numbers.

Either way, if you like purchasing music each month then perhaps Spotify is an excellent alternative. For £9.99/month on the largest plan you are getting access to a huge library of songs that can be played/streamed over and over.

Spotify Via: Gaj-It

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