Spotify US Launch Date Roughly Revealed

Spotify have provided a rough launch date saying that they expect the service to go live in the 3rd quarter of this year.

The information came from an interview with Paul Brown (senior VP) who also commented that the company are buying server space across various datacentres in the US. Also they are working on licensing too with various labels and publishers. Due to the sheer amount of them in the US it’s taking a while to get through the list.

An update to the Apple iPhone Spotify App has also been revealed that will see a number of features added including and the ability to open Spotify links from the web browser and Facebook application.

Support for a lower bit rate format of 96kbps has also been included in the update allowing those with a poor connection to still get music at a lower rate and stream it more comfortably. Other features include being able to save and find alums and tracks with the starred playlist.

So although there is no official date set yet for the US launch at least US users who want to use the service are getting information about it being a third quarter roll out.

Via: Pocket Lint

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