SPOT Satellite GPS Emergency Beacon

spot-satellite-gpsSPOT is a Satellite GPS messenger that alerts authorities of your exact location in times of emergency. It is 30% smaller then previous models from the company.

The device sends a signal to a GEOS International Emergency Response Centre every 5 minutes when you activate the system. When the signal is received at GEOS they in turn, work out where you are and alert the correct people to come and find you.

The service charge for the emergency beacon is $100 per year plus another $50 that enables you to share GPS co-ordinates. If you are frequently in locations where you might need assistance should the worst happen then it’s really a small price to pay.

If you do opt for the extra $50 then you can share your co-ordinates and “breadcrumb” trail online for others to see, and/or connect it up to Google Earth to see exactly where you went.

SPOT GPS Features

* GPS Acquisition light
* ‘Message SendingĀ indicator light
* dedicated GPS Tracking button
* dedicated pre-programmable Custom Message button
* protective covers over S.O.S and Help buttons
* illuminated buttons

Via: Navigadget


  1. I would like to purchase a SPOT emergency beacon. Would you please tell me the cost for one and where i could purchase one.


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