Spoke-less Bicycle

Mechanical Engineering students at Yale have managed to create a Spokeless Bicycle. The bike uses a wheel that has teeth around the inner side of the rim that mesh with gears attached to the bicycle. By offering a spokeless set of wheels the space can be used for other functions such as a generator to be attached to the bike.

You might have noticed that only the back wheel is spokeless. This was done for a number of reasons some of which are cost in developing a wheel without spokes as well as the time to create the bike. The students only had one semester to work on the prototype.

Another image is below showing the bike as it looks now which is quite interesting to see if you ask me!

Via: LikeCool


  1. ConceptsNews says

    This will generate some energy, I’m not shure how efficient it will be.And they could work a little more at the design.

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