Special Edition Apollo 11 Space Pen

Today is the 40th anniversary for the Apollo 11 moon landing. To recognise this, Fisher Space Pen have created a new commemorative pen built on to an actual piece of the Apollo 11 space craft.

The Fisher Space Pen is an anti-gravity pen, and when mixed with the Apollo 11 moon landing set it makes just 1 of 1000 that will be built.

The presentation case tells the historic story of the Apollo 11 mission as well as other monumental moments in human spaceflight. The iconic photo of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon is replicated in a resin casting of the footprint inset into the hinged lid. And, an innovative magnetic pedestal allows the pen to sit on its own ‘launch padĀ for display when the lid is closed. The story continues on the sides of the case with a band of plated stainless steel and is engraved with a timeline that tells the moment-by-moment story of the mission’s key events, from launch to splashdown.

The pen is finished with black titanium nitride. The detailed engravings inlayed with 24-karat gold include the pen’s sequential serial number, the names of the Apollo 11 crew and the image of an astronaut planting the American flag into the lunar surface.

The Fisher Space Pen special edition costs $800 and allows you to own a piece of history.

Via: GearDiary

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